Welcome to Siette

SIETTE is is a web based system that allows item banking and test delivery. It is based on the Classical Test Theory (CTT), the Item Response Theory (IRT), and Computer-adaptive testing (CAT). Siette can be used as a collaborative learning tool. It can also be used as an assessment tool integrated into an Intelligent Tutoring System (ITS), or linked to a Learning Management System (LMS) like Moodle as an external tool.

Siette has been developed to help teachers to develop tests conceived as learning and/or evaluation material. Not only does Siette allow the creation of tests, but also the monitoring of the results obtained by students through time. Moreover, practice tests created with Siette may be useful for students before they sit an exam. In conclusion, Siette could be used by any educational institution aiming at implementing computer-based technologies in their teaching methods.


What makes Siette different from other similar tools is the wide range of possibilities that it offers. Some of Siette's most relevant features are:

  • You can create a variety of different questions.
  • Its ability to recognise short answers written by the student and automatically evaluate them.
  • The possibility to include hints and feedback comments that can be displayed to students while or after taking a test in order to help them understand their mistakes and improve their learning.
  • It is possible to design tests where students can work together from different locations and help each other to improve their results.

Últimas noticias

New version Siette 3.5

Siette 3.5. contains the following features among others:

  • Compound questions.
  • New tool bar.
  • New selection criterion based on Leitner's spaced repetition method.
  • etc...